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Along the Ohio river you'll find a number of sleepy little towns, that, most of the time, don't get a second look. But if you delve deeper in to them, you'll find rich histories, and even richer lifestyles, hiding within their sleepy exterior. One such city is Portsmouth, Ohio, home a number of different forms of entertainment, from artistic, to historic, to just plain fun. Whether you're coming to take in the gorgeous artwork, their intriguing museums, or the swinging nightlife, Portsmouth apartment-ites will tell you that this is one city you'd be crazy to pass by.

Portsmouth apartment-ites truly wanting to call themselves Portsmouthians have to make their way out to check out the city's gorgeous murals. All along the floodwall there are images harkening back to the history of this small town, and each offers an intriguing look at life in the old days. Fans of nature can take in all of the city parks around town, to take in all the fantastic weather that Ohio has to offer, as well as plenty of places to play sports and other games. Also of note are the old Indian burial grounds scattered around town, as well as the many historical districts. For those seeking something a little less intellectual and a little more lively, they can make their way out to some of the bars around town, and drink with the kind locals that small towns have been known to create.

Portsmouth may seem like a sleepy little town without much going on, but Portsmouth apartment-ites can tell you that any night of the week there's something going on. If you're looking for a good dose of history, culture, and even a little nightly entertainment, the city has all that to offer and so much more.

Portsmouth, Ohio Apartments

Portsmouth Apartments

Centerville OH 45458
Governours Square Apartments
Active Lifestyle
Family Friendly

1031 Cambridge Station Rd Centerville OH, 45458

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $505 to $795

1 445648 38.8982 -82.4463 (937) 401-2230
(937) 401-2230 check availability
Centerville OH 45459
Washington Park Apartments

7605 Washington Village Dr Centerville OH, 45459

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $895 to $1380

2 18060 38.8982 -82.4463 (937) 528-1920
(937) 528-1920 check availability
Huntington WV 25705
Country Club Apartments
Active Lifestyle

6275 Country Club Dr Huntington WV, 25705

1 to 2 bedroom apartments $760 to $920

3 64263 38.4167 -82.3377 (877) 251-9417
(877) 251-9417 check availability
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